Applied Behaviour Analysis Team

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Supporting Students

Through the ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) team, school teams will understand and implement ABA principles to support students in developing skills to enhance independence, social engagement and purposeful involvement in classroom activities and learning.

Supporting Staff

The ABA team helps educators understand and respond to individual student’s strengths and challenges through staff training, class-wide learning
strategies, and resources.

Supporting Families

The ABA team works together with the school team to include families when determining goals, such as, using visual supports to increase independence and
creating opportunities to increase functional communication. The ABA team assists the school team in providing information to families to support the recommended strategies.

Coordinated Services

Due to the complex nature of the challenges faced by the students supported, the ABA team collaborates and communicates on an ongoing basis with Learning Services staff, (i.e., speech and language pathologists) and also community partners (such as Occupational therapist, Ontario Autism Program, CPRI) who may be working with our students.