Summer Learning (Elementary)

Blue background, young girl writing in a book on the far right. Text Summer Learning Program Goes Online at AMDSB" and AMDSB logo
For 2022, AMDSB’s Grade Three Summer Learning Program is once again online! 
Some grade three students from across our District have been invited to join in online where they will engage in live virtual learning sessions with educators and other students, through community meetings, small group reading instruction, math instruction, writing, and some additional reading opportunities. The purpose of the Summer Learning Program is to provide a review of key concepts in reading, math, and writing. In reading, students will engage in small group learning that reviews phonics, spelling, and comprehension. In writing, students will step through the writing process to create an adventure story…with a few twists! In numeracy, students will build mental skills and fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to assist them with all areas of the math curriculum.

An underlying focus of the lessons and conversations will be on social engagement and active participation for students during this time to promote optimism, mindset, and social connections.