I Am AMDSB Video Campaign

Everyone is unique in their learning and it is the goal of the Avon Maitland District School Board to prepare our students for success by providing them with the tools they need. Throughout the years, we have always kept the best interest of our students at the centre of everything we do, and, with the help of our educators, work with students to help guide them on their path. Throughout 2020 we will be sharing stories of our students both past and present, and some of the many ways that Avon Maitland helped prepare them for success.


Mattheus is a student from Brazil who attended Central Huron Secondary School. He joined the school band in the first few weeks of class of and immediately made friends with his fellow band mates. His love and passion for the arts, specifically the Trombone, helped him understand the world around him and overcome a lot of the initial fears that come from living in a different country. Mattheus was able to take full advantage of his time in Canada and greatly improved his English, his social skills, and his musical abilities. Through the encouragement of his teachers, his classmates, and his host family, he returned to Brazil with memories that will last a lifetime.
Brent always had an interest in business and entrepreneurship while he was a student at Mitchell District High School, but it wasn’t until the junior achievement program that his interest peaked to new heights. Under the guidance and mentorship of his business teacher Mrs. Young, wrote a business plan and applied for a $5000 grant from the Summer Company Program. He got accepted and in 2003 he started his company, Schneider's Computing. Seventeen years later, Brent now owns 3 stores in Mitchell, Stratford, and Listowel. He attributes a lot of his success to Mrs. Young, who gave Brent the push he needed and encouraged him to follow his passion.
Meet Wes. Wes is a recent graduate from Goderich District Collegiate Institute who came very close to not graduating at all. Wes wanted to enter the workforce as soon as possible and didn’t see the benefit of finishing his high school education. His teachers told him about the co-op program and he landed a 4-credit co-op at McGee Motors in Goderich. Something instantly clicked. Wes loved the idea of learning on the job all while earning the 4-credits he needed to graduate. After completing the program and earning his high school diploma, Wes secured a full-time job at McGee Motors where he continues to do the work he loves.
In choosing a school for her daughter when she started her journey in education, Jessica Thompson did a lot of research on the resources that would be available to her daughter who is hard of hearing. They settled on Bedford Public School in Stratford, and she quickly found out that the availability of the Teacher of the Deaf was crucial in their daughter’s success. When we equip a classroom with the resources students need to achieve at their highest level, the evidence suggests that there is no difference between the success of a deaf/hard of hearing child and the success of their normal hearing peers. By having these resources available to all our students, we at the Avon Maitland District School Board help nurture an environment of equitable learning for all.
During high school, Jayden worked part-time for a plumbing and heating business in Exeter. He enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the work and wanted to pursue skilled trades as a career. His next step was the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) which led to him working directly as an apprentice. He started his own plumbing and heating business in 2015 on a part-time basis but it quickly turned into a full-time commitment. Jayden is now the owner of a successful business in his home town of Exeter and employs a variety of licensed workers. Perhaps in the future Jayden will be able to take on co-op students from South Huron District High School and pass on the knowledge and experience he has learned to the next generation.


Meet Mark Hussey. Mark is a former graduate of F.E. Madill Secondary School and co-owner of FauxPop Media, as well as a partner in Definitive Film. Over the years, Mark has honed his skills as a post production specialist and has worked on projects for companies like Paramount and Netflix, which he does right here in Huron County. When Mark was in high school, he was encouraged by his teachers to follow his passions. His imagination and creativity was never hindered, and he felt a sense of belonging thanks to his fellow classmates and teachers.