Administrative Procedure 590: Board Advertising Expenses

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Board Policy 2 states that the Avon Maitland District School Board is committed to using advertising for the purposes of informing and educating the public, and to create awareness of education programs, services, issues, events and community activities of specific interest or benefit to students and families.

The purpose of this Administrative Procedure is to provide guidance to staff in determining the purpose for advertising, the appropriate outlet and the procedures to be used in placing advertisements.

1. Acceptable Purposes

Acceptable reasons for board advertising include:
  1. school registration, including kindergarten registration;
  2. program offerings;
  3. extracurricular activities;
  4. public consultations;
  5. employment opportunities;
  6. requests for tenders for goods and services; and,
  7. school board accountability to the public (for example, annual publication of board financial statements, requests for public engagement).

2. Procedures

2.1 All board advertising must be coordinated through the Communications Department of the board and a proof must be approved by the Manager of Communications (or designate) and the department manager or superintendent (or designate).
2.2 The originating department will provide content for the ad and the Communications Department will support the design of the ad. The most appropriate outlet (online, social media, print, etc.) will be determined in consultation with the Communications Department.

2.3 The originating department manager or superintendent (or designate) must approve the final ad.

2.4 The Communications Department will forward the invoice to the appropriate department for payment.

2.5 The Communications Department will submit (or post) the approved advertisement to the appropriate outlet.

2.6 All advertising must include an authorized version of the AMDSB logo and other information as provided by the Communications Department.

2.7 Annual department budgets should consider potential advertising costs for the upcoming year and include those in their annual budget.
Updated October 2019