Board Policy 08: Role of the Board Vice-Chair

Legal References

Education Act: Sections 170-171 Duties and Powers of Boards; Education Act: Section 208 (7) Vice-Chair; Education Act: Section 208 (12) Voting of the Chair; Education Act: Part VIII Compliance with Board Obligations; Bill 177 Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act

Related References

OPSBA Educating Together: A Handbook for Trustees, School Boards and Communities; Robert’s Rules of Order


The Vice-Chair is elected by the board to share the leadership role of the Chair. The Vice-Chair assists the Chair in ensuring that the board operates in accordance with its own policies. The board’s ability to discharge its obligation is enhanced by the leadership and guidance provided by the Vice-Chair.

1. Responsibilities

The Vice-Chair of the board shall:
  1. Be the Chair of the Committee of the Whole Board, Closed Session;
  2. Sign Committee of the Whole, Closed Session minutes approved by the board;
  3. In the temporary absence of the Chair, assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair;
  4. Be a member of the Audit Committee as ex-officio (non-voting) member;
  5. Recommend to the board, in consultation with the Chair, board member assignments to board committees;
  6. Recommend to the board, in consultation with the Chair, assignment of board members as representatives to any other organization to which the board has the power or privilege to appoint representatives (Note: Board members will be given an opportunity to express their preferences in relation to committee involvement and other interests [using Form 010], and these preferences will be reviewed in preparing recommendations for board member assignments).

2. Implementation of the Vice-Chair’s Responsibilities

2.1 The Vice-Chair shall assist in the development of the board meeting agenda in consultation with the Chair and the board’s Director of Education.
2.2 The Vice-Chair may be assigned duties and responsibilities by the board Chair.
2.3 The Vice-Chair shall be an alternate signing authority for the district.
2.4 Prior to publication for approval, the Vice-Chair of the board, where possible, will review the draft minutes of the board
Updated June 2021