Administrative Procedure 102: Monitoring and Responding to Legislation

Legal References

Education Act: Sections 8-17 Powers of the Minister; Section 170 Duties of Boards; Section 286 Duties of Supervisory Officers

Related References

It is important that the director of education and system and school leaders who report to the director keep informed about proposed and enacted legislation that has implications for students, staff members and programs in Avon Maitland District School Board.

It is also a requirement of the board that the director of education bring any new provincial initiatives to the board for initial discussion and determination of the decision-making authority, as noted in Board Policy No. 4 Delegation of Authority.

1. Monitoring and Responding to Legislation

  1. The director and designate(s) will monitor all new proposed and enacted legislation with implications for education from the time of announcement through to proclamation.
  2. When the Ministry announces new or revised legislative initiatives, the director shall inform the staff and board as required and shall monitor activities related to the proposed legislation.
  3. The director shall designate one superintendent as the lead person for each new initiative that must be monitored.
  4. The designated superintendent shall be responsible for keeping a record of any action taken by the director, staff and board related to the proposed or recently enacted legislation.
  5. The director or designate shall inform the appropriate staff members and board promptly of the implications of the proposed legislation, and no later than six weeks after the original announcement.
  6. If the director decides to respond to proposed legislation, the director, in consultation with the chair of the board, shall inform the following persons of such action, when appropriate:
    1. The board solicitor;
    2. The executive director of the Ontario Public School Boards' Association;
    3. Local members of provincial parliament;
    4. The Minister of Education; and/or
    5. The Premier.
  7. While monitoring proposed legislation, the director of education or designate(s) will:
    1. Take part in activities related to the bill as deemed necessary;
    2. Make arrangements to monitor legislative activities through the Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association,
      other boards or individuals;
    3. Monitor legislative activities directly for matters critical to Avon Maitland District School Board;
    4. Provide the staff and board with updates on changes in bills as they pass through the legislative process; and
    5. Advise the staff and board of the bill’s proclamation.
  8. When the legislation is passed, the monitoring individual or group shall provide the staff and board with an explanation of the full implications and a plan of action that is designed to respond to the new legislation.
  9. The director of education and designate(s) will respond to any new legislation in the annual system planning process.
Issued in 2006