Family Communication (2020/2021 School Year)

A number of letters and Fact Sheets have been sent to families outlining information for the 2020/2021 school year. They are also listed in our "AMDSB Back to School Plan" and linked individually below. Note: the Board website ( and all school websites have a homepage alert so that when users visit any of the websites, the alert is displayed and they can either visit the page directly or dismiss the alert.


October 7: Email to families with a letter regarding preparations for Models B and C and a statement from HPPH Dr. Miriam Klassen

October 2: Email to families about the revised provincial self-screening tool. Parents should use this tool each day before sending their child to school

September 18: Email update to families (commitment to self-screen, student health agreement, informing schools if students have underlying health conditions that may present like COVID-19, mask exemptions)

September 11: Email update to families (bus planner app, remote learning update, release of COVID-19 Management in Schools)

September 8: Email update to families (first day, board-owned technology, bus riders, remote learning update)

September 3: Fact Sheet about how to prepare children/youth for returning to school in person

September 2: Details for students who ride the bus were announced and parents are asked to login to the Parent Portal to check bus information by Friday September 4 at noon. Also, back to school videos (posted on Back to School Planning page) were sent to all families. 

August 27: Letter to families introducing the AMDSB Back to School Plan and staggered entry plan

August 21: Email update to families

August 13: Letter to families from Dr. Miriam Klassen (Huron Perth Public Health)

August 12: Fact Sheet for families of students with special needs

August 11: Fact Sheet for Kindergarten families

August 7: Fact Sheet with information about elementary and secondary in person and online learning

August 6: Fact Sheet with additional information about a return school in-person

August 4: Letter providing a brief overview of Model A and introducing the pre-registration form

July 30: Letter to families from Minister of Education Stephen Lecce