Family Communication (2021/2022 School Year)

This page contains a list of email messages that have been sent to all AMDSB families regarding the 2021/2022 school year (specific to COVID-19). It will be updated regularly. 

April 14, 2022: Message to families encouraging mask wearing, including reminders about when masks should be worn

March 18, 2022: 
Message to staff, students and families encouraging kindness and respect as COVID mandates lift on March 21, 2022.
March 11, 2022: Letter from Huron Perth Public Health about the changes to COVID-19 protocols that take effect March 21, 2022.

March 10, 2022:
Letter to families with details about the changes to COVID-19 protocols that take effect March 21, 2022.

March 1, 2022:
Letter to families announcing that registration for the remote learning school (AMRLS) is now open for September 2022. 

February 18, 2022:
Update to families (return to sports/extra curriculars, screening, masks, March break travel and inclement weather plans)

February 4, 2022:
Letter to secondary students about the new graduation requirements (online learning credits).

February 2, 2022:
Follow-up email to families announcing the decision to not move forward with COVID-19 vaccine clinics in schools.

January 26, 2022:
Letter to secondary staff, students and families announcing the move to a traditional secondary model (4 courses/day) for semester 2. 

January 24, 2022:
Letter to families requesting input on organizing vaccine clinics in schools for ages 5 to 11 (after school hours or during the day)

January 21, 2022:
Email to families with instructions for returning borrowed AMDSB devices.

January 19, 2022:
1. A joint letter from Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore.
2. Letter to families re: how AMDSB will be handling the reporting of individual COVID-19 cases
3. Letter to families re: Rapid Antigen Tests (schools are sending home rapid tests and this letter explains the initiative)
4. Letter from HPPH to families re: COVID-19 Update for Schools (sharing on their behalf)
5. Letter from HPPH to Kindergarten families re: new mask mandate for JK and SK students beginning January 24. 

January 16, 2022: A reminder to families about the daily confirmation of screening that is now required.

January 13, 2022: 
An email to families outlining details for the return to in-person learning on Monday January 17

January 5, 2021: Announcement for secondary students and families that we will not be moving to 4 courses/semester for semester 2. The current model will remain in place. 

January 3, 2022:
Information for families about the Province's announcement to begin online learning as of January 5 (with a plan to return to in- person learning on January 17). 

December 31, 2021:
An email to families with further details about the return to school on Wednesday January 5, 2022

December 16, 2021: An email to families with information about the confirmation of screening that will be required after the break and asking students to bring home personal belongings (in case we are directed to online learning after the break). 

December 14, 2021: An email to all families with important updates from the Ministry of Education regarding COVID-19 Vaccines for 5-11 year olds, Rapid Test Kits and Holiday Travel

December 2, 2021: A letter to secondary staff, students and families announcing the return to a regular semester model (4 courses/day) for semester 2.

November 24, 2021: An email to grade K to 6 families about the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 explaining that school-based clinics would not be held at this time.

November 16, 2021: An email to secondary students and families explaining that instead of exams, schools will host "Student Learning Support Days" at the mid and end points of each semester.

October 1, 2021: A COVID-19 update from HPPH, an updated HPPH Decision Tool for families and information about the updated Ontario Daily School Screening Tool

September 29, 2021: A letter from AMDSB and HPPH outlining the process that HPPH will use to understand student immunization status and coverage within classes and schools

September 3, 2021: Infographic that summarizes health and safety protocols and letter from Minister of Education Stephen Lecce

August 30, 2021: Announcement of COVID-19 health and safety protocols for AMDSB schools

August 5, 2021: Letter to families from Huron Perth Public Health re: vaccines for students turning 12 in 2021 (and older)