Online Educational Resources

The Avon Maitland District School Board is pleased to provide a collection of web-based resources designed to offer safe and engaging activities for students while all provincial schools are closed. Links to activities on this page are designed to support concepts covered in the Ontario Curriculum and will help students continue their learning as our communities try to limit the spread of COVID-19. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to support and assist children as they work on activities that are aligned with their interests and abilities. We understand that online options present challenges for some families related to internet access and speed, as well as the availability of devices (e.g. computers, laptops, tablets, etc.). At this time, we ask that families do their best with what they have and we will continue to work with the Ministry as they look at options for those struggling with this issue. If you are unable to access any online resources and would like additional support please email or call 519-527-0111 ext 115.
Providing children and young adults with a balanced schedule while schools are closed is important. Sleep and regular rest, vigorous physical activity, including time outside, and free choice play will help to keep children’s minds and bodies healthy. All learners can benefit from hands-on creation using craft materials, building supplies, or cooking and baking.
Parents and caregivers are encouraged to supervise online activity regardless of their child’s age. Please note that some links will take students to public websites. Individual websites may require adults to set up individual accounts. Please be aware that any personal information shared will be collected and stored using the site’s data management protocols.
You know your children best and can guide them toward the activities that are appropriate and will keep them thinking and learning in these challenging times. It is also understood that access to devices and internet varies among households and so may the availability and functionality of some of the links.