SDSS Student Designs Experiment to be Conducted in Space

Deo Narayan is a Grade 12 student at Stratford District Secondary School (SDSS). This past summer, he was accepted into a competitive four-week virtual enrichment program along with approximately 1000 other youth from across Canada. The program, Shad2020, was this year’s summer offering from Shad Canada, and presented a brand-new opportunity as its final project: design Canada’s first ever spaceflight experiment. 

All Shad design challenges push for a positive impact on humankind, and with that in mind, Deo and his team of 9 other students from across Canada, Team Mous4Inc., worked remotely to come up with an idea for testing polyurethane foam in microgravity. 

“Since foam has a ton of different applications—from implants and prosthetics to construction materials and auto parts—they thought this was a perfect experiment that could provide insights that will benefit humanity in the future.” (“Canada’s first ever spaceflight experiment with Blue Origin is selected” -

Deo has this to say about how school prepared him for Shad2020: “Many of the skills I applied during the design process I developed from school. For example, while creating the mechanisms used for our experiment, I referred to the creation of the robots I helped create in Mr. Bradshaw's robotics club. We also had to submit a write-up about our experiment in addition to the design itself to be evaluated and the many reports I have written in my science classes certainly prepared me for this.” 

Watch Team Mous4Inc.’s project proposal video

What’s next for Deo and Team Mous4Inc? They will be working with a mentor to build their payload experiment and get it ready for its execution in space!

Another SDSS student, Chris Rouse, also participated in Shad2020 and his team’s project was one of the finalists in this competition. 

Curious about how you can participate in Shad2021? Visit the Shad Canada website to learn more. Applications are accepted until mid-November.