Stratford Schools Participate in School Travel Planning

AMDSB schools in Stratford are participating in the school travel planning project for the 2019/2020 school year. This project aims to increase the amount of kids walking/wheeling to school and taking the school bus (depending if in the walk zone or bus zone) as a way to reduce congestion in the school zone and create a safer environment.
The project involves school-level committees working together on a school travel plan, which is a document that summarizes current travel patterns and traffic problems, identifies solutions, and encourages walking/wheeling to school through different action items.
Everyone in the school community will benefit from the school travel plan as it will provide them with the opportunity to:
a) Reduce traffic congestion around schools, increasing student safety
b) Improve physical and mental health
c) Reduce air pollution and help the environment
For more information on each AMDSB Stratford school’s individual travel plan, contact Samantha McGuinness, School Travel Planning Facilitator, at